AjaxAnywhere Tutorial Examples:

Choosing zones to reload (client-side implementation)

Choosing zones to reload (server-side implementation)

These examples demonstrate 2 different approaches of informing AjaxAnywhere which zones needs to be refreshed. This logic can be implemented on both client and server side.

Features demonstration:

Default behavior.

  • Refresh by getAJAX()
  • Default server-side exceptions reporting
  • Default HTTP error code handling
  • Default dropped request message.
  • response.sendRedirect() handling

  • Customization
  • Customized "loading" message
  • Customized server-side exceptions reporting
  • Customized HTTP error code handling
  • Customized dropped request message.

  • AjaxFeedback - Push simulation with AjaxAnywhere
  • Using AjaxAnywhere for PUSH simulation. Periodical requests are sent to the server. Zones get refreshed if server needs to update information on the client.
  • Sending JavaScript to execute inside refresh zone.

  • Third party integration
  • Don't miss this cool demo

  • Other

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    JSP Sources of are available inside AjaxAnywhere Demo WAR. Download